Technical Info

  1. Main parts of a caster

    a) The wheel: The main component of a caster that touches the ground and is being rolled to move the whole application. There are certain variations of a wheel according to each different application.

    Polyamide (PA – Nylon) wheel: It is mainly used in static applications wherever floor conditions are suitable.

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  2. Casters mounting options

    Below we present you all the possible options concerning Casters mounting. Characters explanation:

    Ws= Load capacity of the swivel caster
    Wf= Load capacity of the fixed caster
    WT=Maximum weight to be carried
    P= Deadweight (tare) of the trolley

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  3. Choosing the right caster

    Institutional casters are the casters which address to the market of services. Usually they are applied to trolleys for light use, for applications such as; catering equipment, health care equipment, professional furniture equipment, super market trolleys, product displays, POS etc.

    The European norm for this kind of products is the EN 12527 / EN-12530 which fully describes their requirements and testing procedure parameters as well.

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