Stainless swivel caster 75mm for light trolleys,wheel made of grey rubber,single precision ball bearing.Threaded stem fitting

Swivel caster 75mm from grey rubber (SX075TPSBSGP)


Swivel caster, stainless yoke, threaded stem M12X25mm.Wheel 3 x 1-2,072/8”,non marking grey rubber (82shA) precision ball bearing,plastic threadguards

products_height109mm plaiproducts_diametern_bearing75mm products_weight70Kg
stainlessStainless bearing_typeSingle precision ball bearing

Notice 1: the wheel can be available also with stainless single precision bearing. Relative Article Nr. SX075TPSXBSGP.Notice 2: the wheel can be available also in different hardness 55shA, 72shA etc. upon request
Technical data
column_header Swivel
Type of fitting Threaded stem
Wheel material Grey rubber
Wheel Center Polypropylene
Standard EN-12530
Offset (mm) 28mm
Bolt Stem (mm) M12X25mm
Thread Width (mm) 32mm
shA Hardness 82shA
Static Load Capacity (Kg) 140Kg
Thermal Range (°C) -15C/+80C
Weight/Castor (Kg) 0,474Kg
Other dimensions
Product Code Wheel Diameter Bearing Type Height Capacity
SX100TPSBSGP 100mm Single precision ball bearing 131,5mm 90Kg
SX125TPSBSGP 125mm Single precision ball bearing 156,5mm 100Kg