Materials & Quality assurance

RODA SA always has as indisputable argument the offer of top quality products with constant quality. For this reason the quality control either of the received raw material or the products in each production stage is more than absolutely vital.

In each production stage from the beginning of the pressing of the metal parts up to the final assembling line, quality controls are always conducted.

After the pressing of the metal parts we measure with special calibers all the critical dimensions, so as to be sure that the parts are well pressed according the dimensions and the tolerances which have been defined.

After a number of pieces being produced, the moulds are sent to our workshop for the maintenance, so as to reassure the constant quality of the next pieces to be produced.

All the metal parts are gathered in the assembling line where the support is being produced. At the end of the assembling there is an additional control where we measure the swivel torque of the support, so as to control if the swivel head is rotating properly.

Finally after the production of the final product, where the support is assembled with the wheel, we get the castor. The castor is being tested in our testing device.

This testing device is a round table where we simulate the real application of the trolley, by regulating the speed of the table, the height of the obstacles and the carried load according the EN-12530.

In this device we have the possibility to measure some of the most critical parameters which define the quality of the castor, parameters such as, the resistance of the castor under certain load capacity, the rolling resistance, the noise and the temperature created as well.

In the specific testing device, we have the possibility to make tests under load capacities up to 1,5tn.