Company profile & history

RODA SA, started as a family company in 1948, producing moving applications and solutions for the agricultural industry, having its premises in Thessaloniki in North Greece.

In 1963 the founder of the company Mr. Hercules Saatsoglou started the castors and wheels business, by collaborating with the most well known that time European producers. The company over the years became the most important player in the Greek market on this specific market.

In 1981 the company creates a branch in the capital of Greece, Athens for the cover of the needs also of the Southern part.

From 1988 the company operates under the brand name RODA SA.

Having huge experience in this market, RODA SA decided to create a very modern production plant on 2002, producing castors and wheels for institutional applications, in other words for applications for hospital equipment, catering equipment, displays, cleaning equipment, furniture etc.

RODA SA exports in many countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Russia and as well in South Africa, USA and New Zealand.